WONBIOGEN leads the bio new substance industry with consistent research and development and innovation.

Date Award names and institutions Payment and Certification
Registration number
2006.06.29 Gumi Technology Start-up Competition / Gumi Technology Business Support Center Encouragement Award (3rd place) No. 2006-97
2008.10.31 2008 Korea Entrepreneurship Competition Award for Knowledge Economy in the Outstanding Entrepreneurship category Minister of Knowledge Economy Commendation No. 71993
2009.06.03 Daegu Regional Food and Drug Administration's commendation for excellent companies in autonomous inspection system Daegu Regional Food and Drug Administration Commissioner's Commendation No. 258
2009.06.19 2009 Announcement of Research Results of Industry-Academic Hub Project / Geumo University of Technology Commendation by the President of Geumo University of Technology No. 288
2011.08.31 12th SME Technology Innovation Exhibition Awarded by Minister of Knowledge Economy Minister of Knowledge Economy Commendation No. 92221
2013.12.18 2013 Gyeongsangbuk-do Small and Medium Business Awards Award Winner an award for excellence No. 1039
2015.09.09 The 16th Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Innovation Competition won the Presidential Award Presidential Commendation No. 200046
2016.03.13 Participated in the 32nd "KIMES 2016" KoreaENS, Korea Medical Device Cooperative Association -
2020.04.21 2020 6th Korea Industrial Awards "K-Medical Awards" Award Korea Industrial Awards -
2020.12.10 2020 Korean Brand Leader Grand Prize (Window Covering (Wet Dressing) Award) Mail Economy Maekyung Dotcom, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Science and ICT, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs -
2020.12.10 Presidential Commendation of the 21st Small and Medium Enterprise Technology Innovation Exhibition (Technology Innovation Field) Presidential Commendation No. 226086
2021.01.21 The 7th Korea Industrial Awards 2021 won the "First In Class Grand Prize" Digital Chosun Ilbo -
2022.01.26 2022 8th Korea Industrial Awards "First-In-Class Grand Prize" won Digital Chosun Ilbo -