Product Specification

Therasorb C Hydrophilic Dressing

Product classification
Medical supplies
10cm x 10cm x 0.5cm
Absorbing and protecting secretions from wound areas

Product Feature
- Therasorb C Hydrophilic dressing means C of Cavity and it is a dressing material that can be used mainly for wound that is drilled.
- Mainly suitable for wound or fist wound (Cavity Wound) which causes excessive exudation such as burns or pressure ulcers over 2 degrees. It can be used after being cut and filled.
- Because there is no protective film layer, it can be folded or curled and used in various forms.

Precautions for use
This quasi-quaternary product can be used with an oxidizing agent such as Hydrochlorite solution (Eusol etc.) or hydrogen peroxide solution, Be careful because it can be destroyed.

[Notes and warnings]
- This product is prohibited to use for medical purposes and other purposes.
- Since this product is sterilized, pay attention to the contamination of the contact area of the affected area and use immediately after opening.
- In case of severe bleeding, use sterilized gauze or Terra-soap-shaped dressing.
- If you have an allergic reaction or have irritable skin or skin disease, be sure to follow the directions of your doctor and pharmacist.
- If the wound does not heal, or enlargement, edema, pain, bleeding or odor is increased, consult a healthcare professional immediately.
- Therasorb C hydrophilic dressing is disposable, so do not use it again.

How to Storage
- Avoid high temperature and high humidity and store at room temperature (1 ~ 30 °C).
- Avoid direct sunlight and store in a clean place.
Date of use
36 months from date of manufacture