Product Specification

Therasorb C Hydrophilic Dressing

Medical Device
Product license No.
Item name
10 x 10 x 0.5cm
Intended Use
This product is an absorbent foam dressing that is applied to wounds that exudate such as abrasions, burns (1 to 2 degrees), pressure sores, venous ulcers, diabetic ulcers, donor wounds, and wounds from general surgical operations to prevent contamination and protect, Used for secondary healing purposes.
How to use

1. Preparation before use
1) Check the expiration date of the product.
2) Be sure to read the user manual before use.
3) Wash your hands thoroughly before using the product.
4) Check that the packaging of the product is not damaged.
5) Since this product is supplied in a sterilized state, there is no packaging damage or deterioration, and only sterilized products whose expiration date has not passed are used.

2. How to use
1) Rinse the wound thoroughly with running water or saline and remove the water completely.
2) Select the appropriate size and shape of dressing for the wound to be treated.
3) Peel off the release layer and attach the wound contact surface flat to the wound area.
4) After applying the product, cover the product with an appropriate secondary dressing.
5) The replacement cycle of this product is determined according to the condition of the wound or the amount of exudate. If exudate leaks, replace it frequently, and if there is no leak of exudate and there are no signs of infection, replace it after 2 to 3 days of use.
6) Disinfect and clean the wound area before applying a new product.

3. How to store after use
1) As this product is a sterilized disposable product, reuse is prohibited.

1) As this product is a disposable product, reuse is prohibited.
2) Do not re-sterilize this product before use.
3) Do not use on infected wounds (wounds with redness, pus, fever, swelling, strong odor, and abnormalities such as discharge of pus), or use after removing the cause.
4) Applying this product to the wound area of ​​third degree burns is checked by the doctor under evaluation.
5) Do not use this product for patients with medical factors that are not suitable for use.
6) This product should not be used together with Hydrochlorite solution (Eusol, etc.) or oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide solution.
7) This product should not be used in combination with other wound care products without consulting a healthcare professional.

B. General precautions
1) This product is sterilized and used immediately after opening.
2) Do not use products that have expired.
3) If the pouch packaging of the product is damaged before use, discard it without use.
4) Sterilization is not guaranteed for products with damaged pouch packaging and products stored after opening.
5) Keep out of reach of children.

C. Application precautions
1) Use after thoroughly washing the affected area (washing with physiological saline, etc.).
2) This product is sterilized and should be used with care not to contaminate the wound contact surface.
3) In the case of severe bleeding, use after hemostasis.

D. Side Effects
1) Prohibit use of this product if hypersensitivity reactions (rash, fever, hives, itching, allergy, edema) or infectious symptoms (redness, swelling, pain, heat sensation, severe odor and discharge of pus, etc.) appear while using this product, Follow your doctor's or pharmacist's instructions.
Exp. date
3 years from date of manufacture
1) Avoid high temperature and humidity, and store at room temperature (1~30℃).
2) Avoid direct sunlight and store in a clean place.