Product Specification

Hiperskin Premium Plus

Product classification
Medical supplies
5cm x 5M / 10cm x 3M / 10cm x 5M
Absorption and protection of wounds, lesions, etc.
Product Feature
- It is a roll dressing material with excellent elasticity, waterproofness and breathability using polyurethane nonwoven fabric of Melt-Blown method.
- Use a soft silicone adhesive to minimize skin irritation.
- It has excellent durability and adhesive strength is maintained for a long time.
- It is easy to use because of excellent handling.
- When dressing is removed, it does not cause pain on the attachment surface.
Precautions for use
- If skin irritation symptoms appear, discontinue use immediately.
- Be careful not to touch your mouth.
- Avoid direct sunlight and store at a cool, low humidity..
How to Storage
Storage at room temperature (1 ~ 30 °C), closed container
Date of use
36 months from date of manufacture