Product Specification

Remscar TR

Medical Device
Product license No.
Item name
3.5 x 15cm
5 x 6cm
12 x 15cm
28 x 40cm
Intended Use
A wound dressing used for the management and protection of old or new scars, keloid scars, and healed wounds caused by general surgery, trauma, burns, etc.
How to use

1. Preparations before use
1) Check the expiration date of this product and check whether the product is damaged or contaminated before use.
2) Wash the scar area and the area around it with water or saline and dry it.
3) Do not apply any cream or lotion after the skin is completely dry.
4) Read the user manual carefully before use.

2. How to use
1) Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before removing the product from the packaging.
2) If necessary, it can be used by cutting it to an appropriate size (1~2cm larger than the scar size).
3) After removing the release film attached to the product, when attaching the adhesive side to the scar, do not pull it, and attach it naturally to the scar area.
4) Use for 4 hours in the first two days, and 8 hours in the next two days, increasing by 2 hours a day until at least 12 hours a day, and replacing it every 2 weeks is recommended. Exchange for a new product.
5) Wash and rinse this product at least twice a day with a cleanser or hypoallergenic soap. In particular, when reusing the washed gel sheet, clean the scar and surrounding skin first.
6) If there is a lot of body movement, such as exercise, fix the product with a band-aid or bandage, and you can remove and reattach the product when showering or bathing while using the product.

3. How to store after use
1) Avoid high temperature and high humidity, and store at room temperature (1~30℃).
2) Avoid direct sunlight and store the remaining products or products before use in a clean place (indoor showcase, etc.).

1. Contraindications
1) Do not use on open wounds.
2) Do not use on acne, infected wounds and while wounds are healing.
3) Do not use while wounds have scabs or surgical sutures.

2. Side Effects
1) Depending on the patient's condition, erythema, rash, or hives may appear on or around the scar. It usually occurs when you neglect the hygiene management of the seat or pull the seat too much to attach it. In this case, limit the treatment of the sheet to 12 hours and if the symptoms do not improve, consult your doctor.
2) Due to the poor air permeability of the sheet, there may be side effects such as itching or weakening of the skin surface.

3. Precautions
1) If you sweat a lot, you need to wash it more often to keep it in optimal condition.
2) The product should be washed at least twice daily to prevent skin rash and itching.
3) When washing the product, use a mild detergent and dry it at room temperature.
4) Do not use together with ointments, cosmetics, or other skin care products.
5) Infants under the age of 3 may swallow it, so use it with caution and do not leave the product near pets.
Exp. date
3 years from date of manufacture
1) Avoid high temperature and high humidity, and store at room temperature (1~30℃).
2) Avoid direct sunlight and store in a clean place (indoor showcase, etc.).