Product Specification

Remscar Gel

Product classification
medical appliances
15g / 30g / 50g / 120g
Purpose of use
Used for the protection of wounds for the purpose of managing old or new scars and keloid scars resulting from general surgery, trauma, burns, etc.
Working principle
This product is a transparent silicone gel applied to the scar area to help manage thickened scars and keloid scars caused by burns, general surgery, trauma, etc., rather than open wound areas.
Product Feature
- It is applied silicone gel dressing material to the scar, and silicone film is formed to create the environment suitable for the improvement of the scar.
- It is aesthetically pleasing because it is not visually visible after applying it to the scar with a transparent property.
- Containing vegetable squalane: Helps improve scars by improving the moisture retention.
- Vitamin E: Antioxidants prevent oxidation of scars.
Precautions for use
- Do not use on open wound, but only on scar.
- Do not use it while the wound has a scab or a surgical suture.
- The mucous membrane should not be used near the eyes.
- Do not use other skin remedy or skin care products on scars.
- Do not use old products.

[Use for pregnant women, lactating women, pregnant women, newborn babies, infants, children, elderly people ]
Do not use if there is a possibility that the patient may cause side effects.

[General Precaution]
- Before use, check whether the product is damaged. Do not use if product damage is confirmed.
- Do not use on open wounds, but only on clean, dry scars.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature (1 ~ 30 C).

[Application Notes]
- Consult a doctor or pharmacist if skin irritation, irritation or other adverse reactions occur infrequently.
- It should not be used on open wound.
How to Storage
Avoid high temperature and high humidity and store at room temperature (1 ~ 30 °C). Avoid direct sunlight and store in a clean place.
Date of use
36 months from date of manufacture