Product Specification

Sol Sol Plus

Product classification
10cm x 10cm, 스팟 51알 / 17알
Place of sale
It is the ultraviolet barrier adhesive wetting band of the polyurethane film which one side is coated with the yellowish adhesive.
It is used for wound, pressure sores, duodenal lesions, donor sites, post-operative wounds and skin abrasions, and protects and heals wounds.
Product Feature
- It is a hydrocolloid dressing material with ultraviolet (UV) blocking function.
- UV Protection Factor UPF 50+ (98% UV Protection)
Notes and Prohibition
- Do not use for infected wounds (wounds with redness, congestion, fever, edema, etc.).
- Do not use this product on patients with inappropriate medical conditions.
- It is not used for wound of third degree burn.
- Hydrocolloid-sensitive patients are not used.

- If you have an infection or wound healing disability, consult your doctor or pharmacist before using.
- Itching (redness, inflammation). If you notice softening (skin bleaching), allergic reactions, etc., consult a specialist.
- If there is a change in the color or smell of the wound, do not use it and follow the instructions of your doctor or pharmacist to get appropriate treatment.
- Do not use disinfectant such as ointment, cream or iodine solution with this product.
- Keep out of reach of infants and toddlers.
- If you use scissors, clean the scissors with alcohol, then use it.