Product Specification

Meditouch F

Product classification
14cm x 14cm x 0.2cm / 9cm x 15cm x 0.2cm
9cm x 25cm x 0.2cm / 9cm x 35cm x 0.2cm
7.5cm x 10cm x 0.2cm
Place of sale
Il-Dong (080-022-1010)
Light yellow or translucent or transparent waterproof polyurethane film This is a rectangular, square, octagonal or clover type dressing with a sticky agent on one side and a light yellow or milky hydrophilic polyurethane foam on its center.
Efficacy · Effect
Absorbs and protects secretion such as wound area and affected part.
Product Feature
It is foam dressing material to attach.

Notes and Prohibition
Careful when used with Hydrochlorite solution (such as Eusol) or Oxidizing Agent such as Hydrogen peroxide Water, since the foamable filler may be destroyed