Product Specification

Meditouch H

Product classification
10cm x 10cm / Diameter 1.2cm x 36개
Diameter 1.2cm x 12개 + Diameter 0.8cm x 24개
5cm x 5cm / 5cm x 10cm
Place of sale
Il-Dong (080-022-1010)
It is a disposable bandage of polyurethane film coated on one side with a yellowish adhesive.

Efficacy · Effect
Absorbs and protects secretion such as wound area and affected part.
Product Feature
It is a dressing material which can be cut and used according to the wound size.
Notes and Prohibition
If you have a wound healing disorder, such as diabetes, not just infections, please consult your doctor before use. Not available for infected wounds. In the following cases, please consult your doctor. (When the wound is showing signs of infection (severe redness, fever, swelling or pain), and wound healing does not start within 4 days)