Product Specification

Medisorb H

Medical Device
Product license No.
Item name
10 x 10cm
Intended Use
This product is used for exudate wounds, pressure sores, second-degree burns,
donor sites, postoperative wounds and skin abrasions.
How to use
1. Preparations before use
1) Check the expiration date of the product.
2) Be sure to read the user manual before use.
3) Wash your hands thoroughly before using the product.
4) Check that the packaging of the product is not damaged.
5) As this product is supplied in a sterilized state, there is no packaging damage or deterioration, and only sterilized products whose expiration date has not passed are used.

2. How to use
1) Rinse the wound thoroughly with running water or saline and remove the water completely.
2) Select the appropriate size and shape of dressing for the wound to be treated.
3) Peel off the release paper and stick the adhesive side flat on the wounded area.
4) Press the product by hand to make sure it is in place.
5) Finish with medical tape or secondary dressing for more secure attachment.
6) When exudate is absorbed and swells to the edge of the product, replace it.
7) The replacement cycle of this product is determined by the condition of the wound or the amount of exudate. If the exudate reaches the edge of the product or the tip of the product is about to peel off, replace the product.
8) When replacing, press the skin with one hand and gently lift the edge of the dressing with the other hand to gently remove the dressing from the wound.
9) When using scissors or tweezers, clean them with alcohol before use.

3. How to store after use
1) As this product is a sterilized disposable product, reuse is prohibited.
2) Products stored after opening the packaging are discarded even if they are not used.

(1) Contraindications
1) Do not use on infected wounds (wounds that are red, have pus, have fever, or have abnormalities such as swelling).
2) Do not use this product for patients with medical factors that are not suitable for use.
3) Do not use for third-degree burns.
4) Do not use in patients sensitive to hydrocolloids.

(2) Precautions
1) In case of infection or wound healing disorder, use after consulting a doctor or pharmacist.
2) Consult a specialist if itching (redness, inflammation), softening (skin bleaching), or allergic reactions occur.
3) If there is a change in the color or smell of the wound, do not use it, and receive appropriate treatment according to the instructions of the doctor or pharmacist.
4) Do not use ointments for wound treatment, creams, or disinfectants such as iodine solution with this product.
5) Keep out of reach of infants and young children.
6) When using scissors or tweezers, clean them with alcohol before use.
Exp. date
3 years from date of manufacture
Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity, and store at room temperature (1~30℃).